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Girl crush ♡ Go follow her, such a sweetie and she posts the prettiest things!

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You have amazing beloved,caring about you so much! Plus, it looks amazing!
Awww ;w; Yes, he did make a great choice!

The hubby went to Little Tokyo today with a bunch of friends, and I wasn’t able to go because I was feeling unwell. He surprised me with this cute Sailor Moon necklace when he got home ♡ He knows my favorite items are from the first season, so he got me the Prism Brooch~ He’s such a sweetie! They plan on going again on Sunday and I hope I feel well enough to tag along then~


橙色の花 by sabamiso on Flickr.

My Kaomoji-kun mug from Tokyo Otaku Mode arrived today! ♡ Also, I just made my Instagram public, follow me @jo_sherwood if you like my stuff! :3

First Giveaway Winner!

The winner of my First Giveaway is townwitch! Congratulations~! 😄

I really enjoyed hosting this giveaway, so expect more in the future! Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Finally got my hands on the notoriously elusive Elsa doll! We live relatively close to Disneyland California and got her on my second visit to Downtown Disney! ^.^


 Anthony Samaniego